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You have been invited to participate as a PARDNER in GAG!  

For the time are a GREENHORN,

or Greenie, G, whatever!  LOL
When you know your way around and have participated...

you will become a VETERAN or VET, HA. 

AND when you take a part in helping to run this little will be a

TOP HAND or TH!   


Our little CHAT has taken on a mind of its own!  We call it GAG

...and FUN it is!  

It stands for GET AND GIVE, and that is just what we do here.  One minute you may be asking for something you need and the next sharing something you have a lot of.  Information is shared freely also!  

Currently, this is not a regimented thing.  People come and go as they please.  If you note that you need something...someone will be along soon to get it to you. And you are asked to help another the same way ONLY IF you have plenty of what is being asked for. We only ask that you always POST what you give in this format exactly.  

100 Milks                               Keith/Carly



I keep a RECAP posted and update it frequently so, since this IS a CHAT and folks DO carry on a won't have to scroll way up forever to see what is going on.  Just look for the last posted RECAP.    It will look something like this..just click on the link.

Please go through the Recap at your leisure...good info in there and more coming.



For NOW...go to the PARDNER PAGE and make sure you are linked to all the folks so you can GET AND GIVE from and to all. Just click on each link and FRIEND them.  The Link for the page is at the top.  There are links all over, LOL...just try them out and you will see where you go.  You can always click on INTRODUCTION at the bottom of a RECAP to get you back here.


In GAG!  Should look like this

Keith Payne/Dude  

AND IF you have any problem at all...ask anybody, LOL!  We are all PARDNERS here, (yep a the one you trade AXES with)!  and...I am 
KEITH/DUDE...I am sort of the GAG CARETAKER....and as I said before!  WELCOME!!!!!!


The Link for this GAG RECAP will be posted in the Chat throughout the day for anyone just coming on.


THX for being a part of a new Klondike THING….Welcome to GAG, LOL..Keith/Dude & The Pardners!

Keith's Bullfrog , Sausage!

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