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 1/25/2023  6PM EST


Well…Evenin’ all Yall!

Our little CHAT has been developing along the last few days..we weren’t sure how we were going to work it…but seems like we have settled upon some things.


We are calling it GAG for what is is!  GET AND GIVE!!  That was Caroline/Carly’s idea and it has stuck.  This is supposed to be FUN…it is a game…Not something serious with far, we don’t really HAVE any except to be courteous and thoughtful of others.


The idea of this CHAT is for members to be able to come on and ask for something they need or are short of say to start their Factories for the day or fulfill a quest,or just fill a void in storage, (happens no matter how careful you are), etc. and get it pretty much right away.  If I am on, (I being Keith/Dude,) I most probably will have what is needed, but others may send some too.  There is no time schedule yet as this is quite new…don’t think it has been done before and is still in the development stages.  


You can pop on whenever you want, and hopefully someone will see your request and answer it.  As we get more people involved, we may start manning GAG constantly, (meaning around the clock as we have folks from all time zones, including the UK, Germany, Bulgaria, Australia and so on), time will tell, LOL.  Also, you are MOST WELCOME to offer to send what is requested. We hope to make this like a big Klondike Family who helps each other…YEP, you won’t JUST be GETTING, you will be GIVING also only when you can!


Lisa Yates/Lisa3 has offered to do us a LARGE puzzle with things related to Klondike as the subject twice a week.  One will go up in this recap on Wednesday and will run until Friday at 6pm.  Saturday will be a day of rest, HA! The second one will go up on Sunday and run thru Wednesday.  The prizes will be awarded on Sundays and Thursdays.  At the start we will be awarding large amounts of Sets…don’t take up barn space!  

Today’s puzzle is on one of Klondike Player’s fondest things…something we all wished we had more of!

The PRIZE IS 100 LADY SETS EACH PLAYER WHO COMPLETES the Puzzle no matter how long it takes, LOL!


NOW MAKE SURE YOU READ THIS, you Guys….You have to JOIN the puzzle page that the link takes you to.  That is so you won’t be putting your entry up on GAG…Lisa will just go into the page and will see all the entries and their times…YEP…you don’t have to do a screenshot!  When you join..put your First name and Game Name, if you are me you would put Keith/Dude.  That way your prize won’t go to the wrong person LOL!

Here is the link for the puzzle starting today and running through Friday.


K dynamite fix.jpg

The Link for this GAG RECAP will be posted in the Chat throughout the day for anyone just coming on.


THX for being a part of a new Klondike THING….Welcome to GAG, LOL..Keith/Dude

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