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Lisa is an "older lady" by her own definition.  She is a crazy snow-shoveling Canuck! LOL! 

She also is known in Klondike Plarium peacock circles as "The Puzzle Lady". 

GAG is most fortunate to have her run our Biweekly Puzzles.

You can complete the present daily Puzzle for the PRIZE or just click on any of them to play.  (NO prizes for the older ones except for your satisfaction at completing them). 

You can check your tile time against everyone else's. 

NOW, before you start make sure you sign in using your name and game name as such Keith/Dude. 

Occasionally we will do a PUZZLE where the prize is larger and paid out according to how quickly you do the puzzle.  SO..make sure you see the PAUSE button in case REAL LIFE has you stop before you are finished!  

THE ACTIVE PUZZLE IS on it to play and don't forget to sign in so your puzzle will be saved for a PRIZE!

Active puzzles can be found on the INTRODUCTION page. The LINK to that is on the bottom of each RECAP PAGE!  HAVE FUN!

LISA/Lisa3 Says, "Good Morning GAG! 

Here's the link to the new puzzle. It should be easier, more colors in this one. 

Picture supplied by Keith. I do love this old barn. This will close on Sunday so lots of time to complete it. Remember to use the pause button, no need to do it in one sitting. Have fun."

NOW, before you start make sure you sign in using your name and game name as such


100   AUTUMN  Sets!!!!!

300 pieces ROTATING!

GAG Truck Puzzle.png

If you want to play any of the other puzzles,
click on the current one and then click on G.A.G....
you will be able to choose any of these.

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