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Easter Contest RESULTS!

Lots of Rye in the fields

Various Flowers

Lots of Grass




Slate roofing


Cord (cable)

1 Pond

6 Windows

1 Wagon Wheel

1 Bale of Hay (Cat sitting on)

2 Butterflies

1 Windmill

1 Barn with Granary

1 Water Pump

1 Table

1 Cat

2 Penguin

3 Dogs

1 Horse

3 Raccoons

3 Pigs

1 Squirrel

4 Sheep

5 Cows

1 Jug Milk

1 Bowl Raspberries

3 Rabbits

6 Apples

10 Cherries

7 Chickens

1 Rooster

1 Cable

+ 15 Geese flying in the air

3 White Geese walking 

1 Weather vane

1 Milk Can

1 Butter Churn

Folks who got most all of them, (with a few hints), LOL!

Brigitte, Sandy, Carly, Wardy, Lisa, Lene, and Lindaw.....all got Super Vegetable Complexes.  Vit got 20 Indigo Sets for 5 VCs which he needs more than an SVC right now, LOL

As for BONUSES!!!!!

Brigitte found the Weather Vane and is the GRANARY, (not just the barn) and the Butter Churn and Milk Can.  She also saw the Mama Duck and Ducklings although they aren't in KLONDIKE...they SHOULD BE, LOL!

Vit found The Worker's House, the Granary (Silo), the Pond...AND...I believe he was the ONLY ONE who did NOT name the GOAT as a SHEEP, LOL!

Lisa found the CORD which was the clothesline and the FABRIC which was the curtains and the clothes on the line.  She also SWEARS she can see WIRE (barbed wire) on the fence surrounding the wheat!  DO YOU?  AND...she guessed PIPE for the Tractor Exhaust Pipe and WOOL on the Sheep....Now SHE did some real sleuthing, LOL!  OH, and she got the AXE which we are pretty sure turned out to be a Butter Churn.

Lindaw got the CABLE (Clothesline) and the FABRIC!  

and last but not least..SANDY actually COUNTED the RASPBERRIES!

SO, you all did great with a little hinting...ONE DAY...we will be good enough to just do it on our own, LOL!

Bonuses are 100 INDIGO SETS so you can buy what you  want.  Lisa gets 200 because she just kept finding things!  

She kept saying that "I had created a MONSTER", LOL!


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