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Those of you who have played my contests before know what to do, but if you haven't, here goes. 


Find the items or animals that are associated with our game KLONDIKE!  List them and their number.  You don't have to classify them as to adults or youngsters this time, LOL...just how many of each there are!  Give a total for all your answers!


You can enlarge the photo by using your is still good quality for counting at 250%!   

IF you don't know how to do that...message me, and I will show you.


Do NOT put your answers on GAG, LOL!  Send them to MY Facebook Messenger.


Tomorrow there will be MORE items.


EVERYONE will get the Prize they asked for if they complete the two days of the Bonuses! 


Gag Easter ContestTRY2.PNG


There are  8 items that are too many to count!   HINT...look up and look DOWN and FAR AWAY!

If you just LIST them, they will count as BONUS PRIZES!

There are  87 total Items that you list with their amounts!


JUST SO YALL don't think YOU are the only one with the HINTS, ETAL! My partner Lindaw has always been EXCELLENT with all my Contests...but everyone needs hints occasionally. I DO so love getting all the pics and making up the contests as photography has been a hobby since I was 12! BUT, giving the hints out until equally FUN! Here is a conversation Linda and I just had.....




Oh how I love giving clues on my CONTESTS…when all of a sudden the answer DAWNS on them….like a TON OF BRICKS!  HA!  


Here are some!  This one is with my partner, Lindaw.  My words are in the BLUE TYPE! Now remember…I can’t SAY what the item is…only give hints!



AND people keep finding MORE than I the one I told you was a hint with the clothes

What had to do with the clothes?

How are they THERE?  AND  Don't say the mom hung them there LOL

OK, The farmer's wife hung them there, lol

NOT!  HOW are they there in the air like that? LOL, DUH is She invisible standing there and holding them?

There's a clothes pole in the pic

Are they on the POLE?  LOL ROFL

There's a line running from the pole.  You just can't see the other pole


It's a clothesline.  Used to have one in my yard

Lisa got this one. Is there clothesline in Klondike?

NO.  never saw a clothesline on klondike


BUT it could be considered cable!!!!!! 

YOU WIN THE PRIZE!  LOL..Lisa called it CORD!

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