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When your pet becomes lost, and it may only be a very short distance from the house, his mind is taken over by the "instinct" part of his brain.  He thinks of 3 things only...FOOD, WATER, and SAFE SHELTER!  Put all thoughts aside of how he lays on the sofa all day and is afraid of his shadow for that no longer is so! 
We call this "FERAL" or "SURVIVAL MODE"!  Once he has found the three, he will  begin sleeping in the day, coming out in the Dusk to make his rounds and going back to his shelter near Dawn.  Therefore there will probably be little chance of sightings. 
There is a 90% chance that he will NOT KNOW you should you come across him, so DO NOT  excitedly call him! 
              WORST thing you can do!                                       

9 Times out of 10.................he will run from you! 
Get down low to the ground and stay
as still as you can....say his name quietly ever 20 seconds or so, until he comes to you....he will most probably think he has done something wrong, so be easy!  This is a FACT, don't think your pet is different!  We have had to do a day or so's extra searching because owners did not LISTEN!


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