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HOW to USE the Daily Recap

This CHAT is arranged so that no one needs to curtail their conversations..there are no rules and regulations!  HOWEVER, IF you are in a long chat with a couple of folks...every once in a while, copy and paste the RECAP LINK.  That is so, folks can see what has been going on without having to scroll forever, LOL!  I will try to keep it up to date as much as possible.


        When you click on the Recap Link                 www.smokeysearchdog/recap2-4

it will take you to the RECAP for the DAY.  If you want to go BACK a on the Link for the day before.

At the bottom of EACH page is a link for the Introduction with links to all the RECAP sections.  This is designed to make it quick and effortless to get to wherever you want to go.  If you have a problem...PM me...if it is broken, I will fix it.  If you don't quite understand, I will explain it. 


This RECAP is eventually going to be a very important part of GAG.  We are tiny now, but I hope that one day it is large and pretty much running on its own.    I am hoping that gone are the days when you have to hurry to get to a group to write in your Name and Level just to get 5 of this or 1 of that before the one-hour Giveaway is taken down!  And this doesn't have to be the ONLY one of its kind...there can be many.  I just have always thought the regimented format of Groups to be very restricting and not very much a way for players to interact and get to know one another.

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