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Headed down the mountain and into town for supplies today.  Will make up a new RECAP when I return but will add to yesterday's here and there in my travels...taking my laptop, LOL!  Slavy and Lene are "manning the fort".  If you need something....just give a holler...someone will be around to send it to you!  HAVE FUN, Keith/Dude

MORNIN' YALL.......Check the RECAP below...very interesting things there that you won't find anywhere else!  Just click on it!

In case you didn't know....we already have a couple of TOP HANDS in GAG!  If YOU would like to be a TH....just choose something you would like to do to contribute...could be once a week or month or YEAR, LOL!  Ones we have already are Lisa/Lisa3 who is our PUZZLE TH and Slavcho/Syrslavy who is our TH Statistician.  Could be just ANYTHING...we are wide open here, LOL!  If you want to do something that involves prizes...we will gladly provide them!  

SO please welcome and THANK Lisa and Slavy for the time they donate to our little KLONDIKE CO-OP, LOL!

Please all welcome one of my very first and most important MPs...Wolfgang Jennen and his wife Lena/WOLLE!  I was barely starting out when I found them...and I happened to have WORMs LOL, (what is it about me and worms)?  Anyway..I sent them some and I got back a HUGE amount of something...I was most pleasantly SHOCKED!  SO..I continued on sending them worms AND...although I didn't even USE them them...I started finding ways to GROW them so I could send MORE! make a long story short...Wolfie and Lena helped ME to develop my Hawkswill Farms....more than anything else did at the time!  SO...Hope you will welcome Wolfie and Lena into OUR GAG partnership here.  

They live in GERMANY so their times are different from a lot of us...similar to that of SLAVY...and WARDY whom I haven't seen in a while...HMMM...SO, IF you are on the middle of EST afternoon or midnight or just MIGHT catch them!  Of course, SLAVY, our Bulgarian pal comes on while he is at work AND stays up late at night....but it is POSSIBLE that we MAY be able to coax LENA, Wolfie's wife into joining us during her day.  Time will tell! 

Here is a pic of he caught this on WORMS! HA

Wolfie and Catfish.jpg

Want to be a TOP HAND?  We don't have STAFF here...just THs, LOL!

Now have over 1 Million 600 Hundred THOUSAND MILKS If you need any...can send it in Milk or Autumn Sets!  Just say how much!


Get and Give

WAY TO GO SLAVY!  **************************

10,000  Chicken Eggs                 Slavcho/Syrslavy to Sylvia/SRobin

      100   Gogle Mogle                   Slavcho/Syrslavy to Sylvia/SRobin

      200   Coal                                   Virginia/Gin to Keith /Dude

      200    Autumn Sets                  Keith/Dude to Virginia/Gin

      100     Raspberries                   Sylvia/SRobin to Virginia/Gin

    4000    Water                               Keith/Dude to Caroline/Carly

       500    Worms                             Keith/Dude to Caroline/Carly

WEDNESDAY 2/1/2023

   100 Autumn Sets                          Keith/Dude to Sylvia/SRobin

 1000  Milk                                         Caroline/Carly to Sylvia/SRobin

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