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We had 15 entrants in our little contest, (well, I don't count, LOL).  NOW....just because SOME of us are "honchos" in PAM OR are closely related to some who are....That has NOTHING to do with who won, LOL!  There were 10 judges and 9 of them haven't a CLUE what KLONDIKE is all about....they just chose the entries that pleased them the most.  Everyone's pictures were great.  Some would've done better if they had sent a smaller area...and a couple were a little contest...I will be GLAD to help you with your pictures!


Each person will be able to choose any prize below the ones they win in the order of their placing.

1st     Market Stall, Bakery and VSC
2nd   No Prize, LOL
3rd    Bakery and Wigwam
4th     Cat and Dog
5th     Bakery
6th     Wigwam and SVC
7th     Wigwam
8th     High Rise or SVC
9th     High Rise or SVC

Those who told me what they wished it, (I HOPE), LOL...those who didn't got what was here, LOL!

All entrants get 50 Indigo Sets!


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