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Why a Search Dog Team

Well VOLUNTEERS waste their valuable DONATED TIME, and the cost of posters, etc. is "out the window"! 

Why, because WITHOUT a SEARCH DOG,  the targeted area is MUCH TOO LARGE!


Also, the person or animal has a chance to go a LOT farther away or have something happen, accident or otherwise.  


When Smokey and her handler, KP, go out on a search, usually within the very first HOUR we are in an area that has not even been TOUCHED by flyers or posters! A Search Dog Team’s PRIME responsibility is to find out EXACTLY WHERE the Lost/Missing one traveled!  


And Hopefully....USUALLY, it will find out where that Lost/Missing one stopped moving away from PLS,

(point last seen), found a place to stay and an area to do rounds each day or night for food and water.


Then a concentrated, mass effort can be made IN THE RIGHT PLACE to find the Lost/Missing/Stolen one.  If the client desires it, the handler will continue to work the case AND the Search Dog will be called in to check out all new VERIFIED LEADS! The handler will ALSO help with social media contacts, draw maps for volunteers and help run any Page created with the desired result being to FIND the Lost/Missing one and RETURN he/she to home and family.  Chosing the places to set traps and put out cameras is another thing that can be done.


A great many MORE of the Lost/Missing people or Lost/Stolen Pets would be found and returned home IF a

Search Dog Team was employed at the beginning of the incident.  AND Volunteers could be used more aptly.






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