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SO, YALL...hope you have had a great Holiday Season and are well prepared for what 2023 may throw at us....I THINK that I am!  LOL!


This whole month of December AND until this is over tomorrow, (or whenever, LOL)...what icons I posted ANYWHERE, (hint hint), that are added and have something to do with CHRISTMAS, are GAME!

The rules are quite simple....BUT, if you don't understand something, I am as close as Facebook Messenger, LOL!  Just ask.  

K CC ICON pine cones.png

The icons should be reported as to their number and class, (what they don't have to say what they are doing...just what they are)!  A point will be awarded for each correct icon, and one will be taken away for an incorrect one.  For example, IF you report one of the Klondike icons, as in Water, you will lose a point.   

SO, one part of the contest is the ICONS and your accounting of them.  The second part is WHAT the last two pictures TELL you about this MAGICAL season and all the multibazillion presents that get delivered all over the world in one night!  HINT...take your time and READ, FOLKS, AND......COMPREHEND...THINK, LOL!

NOW.......Click the little fellah below!

K CC ICON Elf Barrett.png
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